Crypto experts to discuss the future of blockchain in Israel on March 28 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel

On March 28, Tel Aviv will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel, a large conference dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO. Speakers will discuss the future of the crypto industry, and blockchain companies will present their new developments. Why Israel? Blockchain community said that Israel is the startup nation. The country started to develop blockchain in 2015, and a year later, according to the audit company Deloitte, there were about

Amidst Chaos, ‘First US-China’ Blockchain Conference Connects 1500 Eager Attendees

The Blockchain Connect conference, which took place on Friday, Jan. 26 in San Francisco, did not get off to a strong start. However, the content of the panels, talks, and informal meetings that took place that day arguably delivered for the 1500 attendees. The event, hosted in part by media company SV Insight, was designed to unite Blockchain communities in the US and China and attracted more attendees than the organizers — or rather the venue itself — could

Kambiz Djafari: “A price for Bitcoin from $25.000 to $50.000 seems possible to me”

In 2018, bitcoin’s price might reach $50 000 but nowadays growth by 2000% at current price is impossible, according to CEO and Co-founder at Kambiz Djafari. Before Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar, its organizers interviewed the future speaker concerning blockchain development and regulation in 2018, token sales and the forthcoming conference. — Why is Bitcoin price growing? Are there any fundamental principles? — Demand and supply. It really is as simple

More than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs could open in Europe this year

The popularity of Bitcoin has reached its peak. People in today’s world are using this cryptocurrency for a variety of purposes than ever before. Merchants have also realized the true value of Bitcoin and they have come up with necessary measures in order to accept Bitcoin payments from the customers. Along with time, traditional currencies are being replaced with cryptocurrencies. As a result, people have got the need to have

International Blockchain Summit Moscow 2018

March 1, 2018 will be International Blockchain Summit Moscow, which will gather more than 1000 participants and 30 speakers from around the world. The summit will be held in two parallel streams from 10:00 to 18:00 in the event-hall “Infoprostranstvo” (1st Zachatevsky pereulok, Dom 4). For more information please visit: Blockchain – future technologies. And the main task of conference is to make you part of it right now. On two streams (Main stage and Financial stage) will

Streamity Pre-ICO: A Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange

An emerging decentralized P2P cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange Streamity has launched its PRE-ICO. According to information on the exchange website, about 20,000,000 STM tokens are being traded for about $2.8 million. What is Streamity In short, Streamity is a service with which you can exchange cryptocurrency to fiat money. It has an easy to use P2P interface that uses smart contracts for confirmation and it includes many cryptocurrencies, not

cappasity-capp  emailed us this morning So we will pay them on 17th Jan and $ETG will be listed immediately after payment . Launch Date Confirmed: Clearify will launch in full on January 17, 2018. App, website and browser plugin. We’ll be a must-have resource for crypto payment security in no time. News from developers: Cappasity iOS framework is ready. Official release date – January 17. Stay tuned!


On August 1, 2017, Bitcoin community finally ended its years-long expansion war by splitting the original bitcoin into two chains, Bitcoin cash (BCH) and segwit Bitcoin (inheriting BTC ticker). BCH is said to be more in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of bitcoin “a peer-to-peer electronic cash system” and will have a brighter future. As a next step on developing path of BCH, on January 13th, 2018, at block height