Porn-X First Cryptocurrency Payment Using Lightning Network

PornX is the first Initial Coin Offering that is offering a cryptocurrency that will run through a decentralized lightning network solution. The team behind PornX has proposed itself to help blockchain technology to spread into the daily life of individuals. But this can’t be achieved if one key sector is left behind. We are talking about the porn industry. PornX will unite two worlds in one online platform. The porn industry

Paymon - an ideal platform for operations with crypto-currencies!

The young teams are very surprised with such projects, which are very promising. Paymon It is a multifunctional platform with very promising trends based on innovative and revolutionary block technologies. This is a bold project whose main goal is to create an ecosystem of transnational block chains that will include decentralization, confidentiality and free access. Thanks to this platform, each user can perform all kinds of operations related to the crypto


KEYRPTO is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform which allows small business to sell their products & services with any major cryptocurrency. KEYRPTO creates a medium between seller & buyer to exchange products with cryptocurrency with minimum risk of scams and fraud by providing a full payment protection and by delivering the product/service as a 3rd party mediator. KEYRPTO will be a progressive blockchain-based online business stage that enables customers to utilize


What is PayPro? PayPro is a decentralized bank created for a new eco-system where the price is represented in a new form thanks to Smart Contracts. We also developed a wallet where users can create crypto-currency and ERC-20 tokens. PayPro was born in 2015 as an online tool to make payments in extra money. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, doubling over a year in the market. We

BUBBLETONE The first decentralized telecom ecosystem

BubleTone, what is it? BubleTone is the leading widespread telecommunication community. Today our lives can’t be possible without mobile phones, because they are the very optimal and comfortable method of information communication. But it is not always convenient to make a call to somebody. Especially being abroad. Because there is a need to change a SIM-card and consequently a phone number and as a result a contact information, that causes

Pindify ICO review

This App Will Be Very Spoken: Pindify Hello friends. We are continuing to speed up our ICO reviews. Today, I would like to talk about a project that I have never encountered in the sector. As I mentioned in my previous postings, I would mention projects that address the spirit of every person, so invest in ICOs that you can say to me that this project is suitable for your


We find progressively about piece chain advancement. There are various new errands coming every day. Everybody is by and by talking about Bitcoin and how it raised a year prior. Those ones who didn’t know much about the advanced types of cash, now are more included and restless to hear and take in additional about. They have to contribute as well. Each one of the endeavors that are coming and

Hero token

Introduces to you a banking platform that is more concerned with Users than with similar banking, which places first priority for profit. We will combine the sophistication of today’s Blockchain technology with a more user-focused banking system, as you know that the banking system is recognized by the world. From the first appearance, Blockchain comes by offering fast and secure online transactions and supporting all types of data and cryptocurrency.

The NEW Machine Learning Revolution

During the last few weeks I’ve been looking for my next ICO investment opportunity. Long story short, I found a gem in the haystack. Decentralized Machine Learning (DML). Yes, machine learning in the block chain. In a nutshell, this project aims to develop a machine learning protocol where users, developers, and algorithms utilize the idle processing power of billion of devices to analyze big data. Here are some of the

TokenStars, platform of big administrations for the big stars (ico)

About TokenStars https://tokenstars.com/ TokenStars is the only celebrity management platform in the block chain. We create the ecosystem that will provide celebrities, fans and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper engagement and engagement. Our base consists of 12 modules that allow participants to connect in a new way. Designed as a tool kit, the platform allows the combination of different modules to achieve the required features and capabilities.